Trip Contact: Micah Foster

Participants: No more than 3

Dates:  Ice Off to Ice On

Location: McFadden, WY

Details: Pierce Reservoir is a private 200 acre, catch and release lake northwest of Laramie, WY.  Still water fishing from the shore, belly boat, or electric motor boat is superb (no gas motors). Browns, rainbows, Tiger and large brook trout can be caught on a number of still water nymphs, dries, and streamers. Please coordinate your trip with Micah Foster.  Vehicle should have a Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing sticker on the back window. There is a restroom facility and cell service. Like any fishing location, weather can change quickly. Plan for rain and wind but hope neither ruin the fishing.

Please contact Micah if you would like to fish Pierce Reservoir:


***This trip is sponsored by Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing***