Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing (PRVFF) is pleased to announce, “Honor Float 2023”. Twenty of our Nation’s ARMY Veterans will be honored with the opportunity to experience world class fly-fishing at a five-star lodge, hosted by incredible guides and staff. PRVFF participants that are eligible for this trip must be ARMY to qualify. This event will take place from June 29-July 2, 2023 at Soaring Eagle Lodge along the banks of the San Juan River, located in Northwest New Mexico.

PRVFF was established in 2011 and serves nearly 400 Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel in Southeast Wyoming and the Front Range of Colorado. Since our beginning, the words “The Water Holds No Scars” define our mission to those we serve. These words represent the physical and mental healing, societal integration, and family reunification attainable through the sport of fly fishing. Supported by a 100% all volunteer force, consisting of mentors, educators and Board of Directors, PRVFF depends solely on the contributions of our world class donors who unconditionally provide the necessary resources to create these life impacting experiences.

The Honor Float is PRVFF’s premier event for 2023 and will include 3 nights at Soaring Eagle Lodge, two days of world class fishing on the San Juan River, motorcade escorts to and from Soaring Eagle Lodge, a Fourth of July themed BBQ to honor the participants, as well as all the sights and sounds of the Southwest.

If you would like more information about this unique opportunity to recognize our Veterans or would like to make a donation to the event, please contact Joe O’Connor at 970-617-3775.