The Mission:

Twenty of our PRVFF Combat Veterans will embark on an all-inclusive five-star fishing adventure hosted by the Soaring Eagle Lodge below Navajo Dam, New Mexico. This three nights, two full days, drift boat fly fishing experience on this world class fishery is an all-expense paid event that will involve ZERO cost to our participants and volunteers.

The Trip:

The entourage will leave Fort Collins Colorado to a host of activity that will include numerous Veteran Agencies sending the roster off with a full celebration of Honor. There will be an escort by the local chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club along with distinguished members of the community and the leadership from the PRVFF program seeing them off on their adventure. Once arriving in New Mexico, the participants will be treated to a world class Chef prepared meal and then continue on to the hospitality center or riverside deck for fellowship and acquaintance. After a five-star breakfast the next morning, our participants will be greeted by their guides and local media outlets for a small ceremony honoring their service. From there, a ten-mile escort to the river’s side at “Texas Hole” will commence and that is where their adventure will begin.

The Roster:

Our participants will be from all four of our PRVFF regions: Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming and Loveland/Fort Collins and Greeley Colorado. There are many well decorated individuals that will be participating along with our Gold Standard of seasoned volunteers that are mostly Veterans themselves. In fact, five of the guides for the trip are our very own volunteers who take our PRVFF participants out on trips throughout the year.

The Vision:

We will not be featuring this epic event for just one year. This 2019 campaign will honor Korea/Vietnam Combat Veterans, 2020 will include those Combat Veterans who served in the Gulf Wars and Desert Shield and 2021 will include post 9-11 Combat Veterans.

The Outreach:

The Honor Float has numerous moving parts that require monetary sponsorship. Lodging, guide fees, transportation and licenses for 20 participants and eight volunteers are only some of the expense that is in need of funding. This is truly a marquis event for our Participants and we would be grateful if you would consider supporting our organization’s budget for this adventure. We are a 501(c)3 organization supported entirely by donations and volunteers.