Trip Lead: Kevin Yarbrough

Participants: 5

Dates: September 23 – 25, 2022

Location: Walden, CO. Elevation: 8,100 feet.

Lodging: North Park Anglers Sportsman’s Lodge in the town of Walden. Meals will be provided/prepared at the Lodge.

Fishing: This trip combines still water fishing at DeLaney Buttes lakes and local reservoirs, along with moving water on the Michigan and Platte Rivers. Float tubes/pontoons and wade fishing for the lakes, wading and walking in the rivers. There is some accessibility for those with mobility challenges on the lakes, but this trip can be challenging with the moving water on uneven terrain and getting through brush/willows. Evening/Night fishing on Delaney lakes is likely to bring in large Brown trout.

Flies: Chironomids 10, 12, 14 in red, black, and purple; leeches in size 10-14 black; Scuds in tan, pink, and grey sizes 12, 14, and 16. An angler should carry standard pheasant tail patterns (especially flashbacks) in brown and olive, sizes 14 and 16; plus some Hare’s Ears in the same sizes and colors. For night fishing, a mouse pattern and some big streamers are a must. According to the folks at North Park Anglers, “The lakes have prolific damselfly, Callibaetis, and chironomid hatches. When no hatch is present, anglers will find fish nymphing weed beds and drop offs.”

REGISTRATION: Registration opens 6 weeks prior to trip start. Register here.

***This trip is sponsored by Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing***