Single Day Trips

Most One day trips will not have registrations.

  • Check the calendar and pick a trip you want to attend.
  • Visit the trip page to learn about the trips. Daydream. Decide what fits your schedule.
  • If the trip requires advance registration, follow the steps to register.
  • Show up at the assigned meeting location.
  • Make new friends and go fishing!

Multi-Day Trips

Investigate, then register.

  • Click on the trip that interests you.
  • Learn about the specific details of the trip.
  • Register for any multi-day trips you would like to attend. Use the registration button after carefully making sure the dates, times, and other trip details work for you.
  • Please note that the Board of Directors makes final determination in regards to trip attendance.
  • Trip Leads and Coordinators will communicate with all attendees as the trip date approaches.
  • Go fishing and let the water heal!

Please direct any trip-related questions to one of our Trip Coordinators:

Ron Escobedo

Ryan Powell

All trips require a trip waiver to be signed by all participants.