1. Nymph hook size 12 to 14
2. Thread red or black
3. Red glass bead (optional)
4. Grizzly Hackle medium size
5. Peacock herl
6. Copper wire size small 

1. Use red or black thread, if using a red bead, put that onto the hook first. 
2. Start the thread onto the hook  and wind back to the bend and wrap forward and back. Lay down a good amount of thread to build a good body of thread.
3. Tie in red floss or if you are using red thread wrap several times at the very bend all close together.
4. Tie in medium size grizzly hackle and get 3 good wraps and tie off then snip excess off.
5. Tie in the copper wire
6. Next take 3 strands of peacock herl and wrap close forward just short of the eye of the hook.
7. Next take the copper wire and spiral forward the opposite direction that the peacock is put on and tie that off. This will help protect the peacock from getting tore up.
8. You should have enough grizzly hackle left over to tie in front of the peacock. again get about 3 good wraps of hackle then tie off well and snip the excess off. 
9. Whip finish and your fly should be done. Note if you have the red bead you want that exposed on the very front. If you are using red thread make a good red head on it and finish well.