Trip Lead: TBD

Participants: 8 (5 participants & 3 volunteers)

Dates: December 10 – 13, 2018

Location: Navajo Dam, New Mexico. Elevation: 5,500 feet. Coordinates: 36.805232, -107.695730

Lodging: We will stay at Abe’s motel in the village of Navajo Dam, New Mexico.  Abe’s is a unique lodging experience that has been in operation since 1958.  We will  take groceries for breakfast and lunch, but will probably eat evening meals out.

The Fishery: The San Juan is world famous for large rainbows and occasional browns. The quality water section is truly world class, but the fishing is demanding.  Expect to use tiny midge larvae and emerger patterns tied in sizes 22-30.   There are blue winged olive (BWO) hatches on some spring and fall days that can provide mid-day dry/dropper activity, but even when the dries are working, emergers may be more productive.  Those of you who have wanted to tie flies for a specific river can find advice from several websites.  Do your research before you load your fly boxes for this trip.

Flies: Sizes 22-30 midge larvae and emerger patterns -Black and Red are often good; Redd October; RS2 in red, brown, grey, and black; Krystal Flash Emergers in black, brown, olive, and grey; chironomid patterns; San Juan Worms; and small leech streamers.   Dries: BWO Klinkhammer,  Hi Viz Griffith’s Gnats (not white!), various tiny parachute styles.

Special Considerations: Wading can be very challenging.  A wading staff is a good idea. The river level is dictated by the folks who control releases from Navajo Dam.  Water flows from the bottom of the reservoir and the water temperature is a chilly, constant 40-45 degrees regardless of the air temperature. Cleats are helpful for the wading conditions, but have other footwear for the boat ride. The weather in October can be unpredictable, bring layers and be ready for snow.

***This trip is sponsored by Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing***