Trip Lead: Jim Kuhns

Participants: 10 (8 Vets & 2 volunteers)

Dates: September 13 – 15, 2019

Location: Kremmling, CO. Elevation: 7,500 feet.

Lodging: Cabins or motel in Kremmling.

The Fishery:

  • 2.5 miles of private fly fishing on the Colorado River

  • One fish pond, 2_ surface acres

  • 900 square foot fishing office with full kitchen and bathroom for member use

  • Reeder Creek Ranch is located 5 miles east of Kremmling, Colorado 

About: Reeder Creek Ranch is owned and operated by the Paul Bruchez family, located on the Upper Colorado River between the towns of Kremmling and Parshall, CO. Reeder Creek Ranch offers an exclusive private fly fishing experience on approximately two miles of private water on the Colorado River. This stretch of river is comprised of a magnificent variety, ranging from fast moving riffles to long flats and runs, and large gathering pools. There is a water character which will appeal to all angler’s tastes. In addition, the ranch offers Reeder Creek Fish Pond, giving anglers a still water experience and a chance for a grand slam.

***This trip is sponsored by Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing***