Trip Lead: Bernie Lodge

Participants: 8

Dates: September 21 – 25, 2023

Location: Brewster, MA

Lodging:  Will be at a local home on Cape Cod with kitchen, bathrooms and space for 10 people.  We will dine family style and have a place to sit around and lie to each other about the one that got away during the evening.

Fishery:  Fishing will be on boats and in the local flats (same type of flats fishing you would expect along the Gulf Coast). We will be targeting Striped Bass, False Albacore and Bluefish.  The go to flies on this trip are Gartside Gurgler, Cassidy’s Magic Striper Fly, Albie Whore, Clousers, Decievers, Surf Candy, and squid patterns for open water fishing as well as crab and shrimp patterns in the flats. 

Special Considerations:  An 8wt – 10wt rod is needed for fishing these waters.  It is best to have two rods set up one with floating line and one with an intermediate or full sink line.  If you are only bringing one rod I would suggest going with intermediate line, it will cover all of your bases.  For the flats bring wading shoes or waders.  Water temp is in the mid to low 70’s this time of year.  A good pair of polarized sunglasses and a hat are good items to bring with you and will help you spot fish as well as protect you from the Suns pesky UV rays.   Thing to keep in mind when fishing in open ocean and the flats is that casts are in the 40 ft – 50 ft range and you have to deal with the wind (anyone from Wyoming shouldn’t have any issues).   If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.  

REGISTRATION: Registration opens on April 15, 2023. Register here.

***This trip is sponsored by Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing***